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Below we have outlined a few questions to consider before you begin your production efficiency review.

Getting Started

  • Can you free up resource and potentially budget (think management time and travel) to manage a Production initiative
  • Do you have (can you get) detailed Production spend data including the creative element across all markets and commodities in scope?
  • Do you have enough credibility, influence, and access to Agencies / Suppliers to make it happen?
  • Can you build the benefit analysis to quantify / justify the initiative, and the internal investment?
  • Can you define the required measurement / reporting / ROI? What are you measuring and how are you going to report it?
  • Do you know enough about the Supplier marketplace? Can you identify the types of Production / 3rd Party partners that could fulfil your organisations requirements? (see Suppliers page)
  • Which channels / commodities are up for grabs and where is the cut-off point? What is out of bounds? – (see Production Universe)
  • Which elements are going to be the best to start with? Where are the quick wins?
  • What will the Geographical scale be?

Stakeholder Management

  • Can you define your Stakeholders’ current and future requirement?
  • Do you have alignment and engagement across your Marketing / Procurement / Finance stakeholders? See Watchouts and Considerations

Existing Agency Management
It is also imperative to consider the impact of a production process change on existing agency relationships, below are some considerations:

  • Consider the timing of when to speak to your agencies, ensure your stakeholders are on board first – never a good idea for your incumbent agency to discover you are de-coupling via a third party or in the trade press!
  • Involve your agency(s) in the process, they might be able to help!
  • Advise / help your stakeholders manage their individual agency relationships
  • Identify potential benefits / value to the agency relationship
  • How are you going to manage the transition?
  • Consider the impact on your commercial arrangements: Contracts; TUPE; Remuneration
  • Foster the relationship between the new suppliers and existing agencies
  • Consider sending a mini-survey of no more than 5 questions to your stakeholders to gauge their opinions and engage them early

General Considerations

  • Consider enlisting the help of a specialist. (see Consultants)
  • Can you define your Organisation’s current and future requirements?
  • Do you fully understand the culture of your organisation – preparedness for risk, appetite for change?
  • How will you roll out the Production initiative? A phased approach / pilot approach?
  • Following the Production initiative, what happens next? Identify management and measurement milestones.

For guidance on Sourcing Strategies and Process Guidelines, visit the Documents section.

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Claudia King

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