Media Services Framework: A Guide to Barter

This guide on Media Barter has been developed by Astus to provide support and guidance notes for ISBA's Media Services Framework 2021, specifically Clause 6.10 of MSF21. 

Media barter is a financial process that either allows clients to part pay for their associated marketing using their own goods/ services or allows clients to gain a guaranteed return on investment vs their marketing expenditure in the form of incremental goods/ Services sales or increased marketing activity/ services.

This paper serves as a guide for ISBA members to navigate the barter landscape, and ensure they are approaching barter with the knowledge of how to make it work best for them.

There will also be  a special instalment of our 101 Knowledge Sessions on Understanding Media Barter on Thursday 9 June with Pete Davis, the MD of and David Jones, COO of Astus. Find out more and sign up here

ISBA Partners, Ebiquity also launched their Guide to Value Pots as part of this series.